8 Ways to Mold ERP Around Your Business (not the other way around) – Infographic

In today’s world of fast changing markets, complex supply chain relationships and multi-channel distribution, it is essential that the business keep pace with their ever-changing world and their ERP solutions should remain aligned. There are now modern alternatives to these legacy ERP solutions that are much better aligned with dynamic markets and agile businesses.

We suggest there are 5 important questions a company should consider before moving forward with its next enterprise application project. If a company has answered yes to most of these questions, then it has already been experiencing the limitations of legacy ERP and the impact to its business agility. These solutions typically take years to deploy, are late, over budget and often rejected by users. For companies that have seen this first hand, they will benefit greatly from a platform designed from the ground up to adapt to their current and future business needs.

We have put together an infographic to better illustrate this new reality of business and how a flexible ERP could be molded to it (and not the other way around).

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  1. shama ahtisham
    April 13, 2015 at 11:26 PM

    its a big detail but i do not understand because of language used its good if it is available in different languages so we will apply these in our life and buisness but i like it for my face book for public so someone understand it , use it , apply it and i will wait if i get these in my language urdu regard

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