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Two weeks ago, the Indian Retail Forum took place in Mumbai, where the topic for this year was around Omnichannel as the future mantra and how retailers can build businesses that will stand the test of time. We believe this is a significant challenge, as many retailers are still struggling

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2003, at the Renaissance Hotel and Convention Center, Mumbai, I stood wide-eyed, looking at the magnanimity of probably the biggest convention I had witnessed until then. For me, my first step to the world of dynamism, the retail industry. And on its 12th year, I landed again, as wide-eyed as

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Sales & Marketing

Beacons are tiny low-powered radio transmitters that send signals to phones just feet away. The point of the devices is to send a specific signal, using low-energy Bluetooth, to phones that come into proximity, as long as those phones are running apps that can respond to the beacon. Those codes

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From clicks to bricks, why pure online retailers are going physical

It’s been a while since GE Capital Retail bank published in 2013 an annual shopper study showing that more than 80% of consumers start their search process online. Today, e-Commerce still only represents 10% of the total retail revenue, but without a doubt, digital channels influence brick and mortar sales

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bricks and clicks

Many articles have been written about the future of online and offline retail. And many gave their opinion on the possible disappearance of physical stores. In 2014 however, in leading markets like the US or the UK, e-commerce sales only reached 6.5% and 13% of total sales respectively. In emerging

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Digital technologies are transforming business in every industry, from social media to mobile to big data to the “Internet of Everything”. This change relies on the combination of digital and physical elements to create new forms of value together. Some have call this phenomenon phygital or digical. And this is

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At Openbravo, we have a specialized team, just to assure that everyone involved in the “Openbravo ecosystem” complies with some quality standards. The focus of this Openbravo training team is to educate both partners and end users about our application. For our partners it is important that they can demonstrate

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