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Openbravo announces the launch of its new version of the solution for the Retail Sector

25 Jul 2012

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - July 25th, 2012 – Openbravo, the leading web-based open source business management solutions provider, today announced the launch of a new version of its solution for the Retail industry.

- The new version offers mobile capabilities at the point of sale with a fully web based application -

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - July 25th, 2012Openbravo, the leading web-based open source business management solutions provider, today announced the launch of a new version of its solution for the Retail industry.

The solution allows a complete management of the Retail business, from Sales and Customer Relations to Finance and Operations, and characterized by being:
  • Multi-channel, supporting the traditional brick-and-mortar operations, e-commerce integration and ready to go mobile platform to support the use of mobile devices.
  • Agile, with a comprehensive functionality and a fully integrated system, using powerful analysis tools that improve decision-making process, and high customization and extension capabilities to meet current and future needs.
  • Affordable, thanks to a rapid implementation process, which reduces implementation costs and minimizes time-to-market, web architecture which reduces IT costs, its open source nature and a flexible subscription model that minimizes initial investment and risk over time.

The solution includes a point of sale (POS) component, very easy to use and extend, designed for touch screens and to support multiple POS devices. This new version extends the current offer, with a new generation POS, designed as a web application that can be used on mobile devices, therefore helping to improve the buyers shopping experience, and with online and offline capabilities, ensuring uninterrupted sales operations.

Back-office functionality has been also improved with advanced capabilities like the creation of single stores or groups, assortments and price management at different levels, among others.

Thanks to its breadth and robust platform, Openbravo for Retail can help any kind of retailer leverage IT to drive better business results:
  • Brick-and-mortar retailers, seeking a modern Retail solution to improve operations and customer experience, while also providing support for opening the web channel.
  • E-Commerce retailers, seeking a back office solution to improve their logistic and financial processes.
  • Franchisors, seeking a scalable solution with a clear cost model for their current or new franchisees and owned stores, to increase their network performance and reduce time-to-market when adding and opening new stores.
  • Retailers seeking a solution to support international operations, with multi-language and multi-accounting schema capabilities.

With this release, Openbravo strengthens its position in the industry, with over 600 international companies that have relied on Openbravo to manage their business processes, such as BUT, Decathlon, Lavinia or Feiyue, among others.

The Retail industry is undergoing a profound transformation, pushed by technology changes such as mobile devices and social networks that are revolutionizing the way people shop. Many retailers, both traditional stores as well as E-Commerce companies, are trying to respond to this new world and struggling with their traditional Retail management systems, which are too rigid to support these new needs. Openbravo for Retail is a complete and agile solution that is easy to adopt and affordable to use and that delivers a world class multi-channel Retail management solution to retailers of every size.”, said Paolo Juvara, CEO of Openbravo.

Openbravo for Retail is distributed exclusively through Openbravo official Partners, and includes support as well as access to advanced modules that extend the functionality to meet customers' needs as their business evolves. It can be acquired on a subscription basis, which eliminates the need for capital expenses. Openbravo for Retail offers a broad choice of deployment options, ranging from traditional on premise installations, to deployment in private or public clouds, to full fledged On Demand service.

To celebrate this new launch, Openbravo announced the availability of a 2 for 1 promotion for retailers. New customers buying an Openbravo for Retail subscription before the 30th of September, can get an additional year of subscription for FREE! Visit Retail Section in Openbravo's website for more details on this promotion.

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