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M&B Footwear prefers Openbravo Commerce Suite to improve operations of its retail outlets and gain greater visibility across its vast distribution network

09 Jun 2016

M&B Footwear Pvt. Ltd, one of the fastest growing companies in India's shoe business, manufacturing and marketing premium shoe brands like Lee Cooper, ID, Provogue etc that are sold in over 2000 stores across the country, has selected the Openbravo Commerce Suite to gain greater visibility across its vast distribution network.

Barcelona (Spain) and Delhi (India), June 9th, 2016

M&B Footwear has selected the Openbravo Commerce Suite for its upcoming Lee Cooper Shoes EBO (Exclusive Brand Outlet) Stores to gain greater visibility across its vast distribution network spread across India comprising of more than 80 distributors. The company, the only one in India which has a portfolio of several national and international Footwear brands including, amongst others, the worldwide leader Lee Cooper, needed a new system to replace its current legacy store solution that would help the business to support future growth plans and position it better to efficiently address today's footwear industry challenges.

The new solution will make it possible to significantly reduce the IT investment on each store and the preparation time for new openings as well as seamless integration of the online channel, so supporting the company's omnichannel strategy and future expansion plans more efficiently. Thanks to its unique architecture, M&B Footwear will also gain real-time centralized inventory visibility across locations while also achieving greater business agility for the faster introduction of new brands, styles, collections, prices and promotions, that can be made available transparently and rapidly on each store and terminal, so allowing the company to keep up with fast changing consumer tastes and footwear fashion trends.

M&B Footwear distributors will also gain access to a modern solution that will allow them to increase the efficiency of their overall retail operations, and seamlessly integrate with M&B Footwear, so helping to boost the overall distribution network performance through improved operational coordination and greater end-to-end visibility.

Detailed daily sales information will be available at headquarters level within hours of closing the last retail outlet thanks to a centralized system that will provide greater insights into inventory and sales performance across different distribution channels and the whole business portfolio. And thanks to being a very easy to integrate solution, it opens the door to future integration with the corporate SAP system for real time control and monitoring of the business from the headquarters and the option to easily reconcile information at any time with the information provided by SAP.

Lastly, M&B Footwear also particularly valued the fact that Openbravo provides a fully responsive web and mobile point of sale, which opens up new possibilities to provide improved shopping experiences to employees and customers in the future and guarantees full IT freedom to select the mobile devices of their choice.

According to Shishir Kumar, M&B Footwear's Head of IT, "After a thorough analysis of the existing alternatives on the market, we chose the Openbravo Commerce Suite thanks to its light architecture that simplifies deployment and maintenance of our retail outlets, the possibility to use mobile POS enabling us to provide an enhanced in-store shopping experience as well as centralized real-time inventory visibility across locations and Openbravo's superior capacity to seamlessly integrate with existing systems. These capacities will allow us to ensure our store opening plan, deliver new services and a more specialized in-store assisted sale as well as support our omnichannel strategy through easier integration with our online channel and adopt a new solution for our distributors that will provide us with greater visibility across our vast country-wide distribution network. And all this whilst being well aligned with our budget."

Exceloid, a specialized consulting firm offering Technical Consulting, Web Application Development and Mobile App Development, Digital Signage and Infrastructure Services, will be Openbravo's Official Partner in charge of the project implementation.


About M&B Footwear

M&B Footwear is one of the fastest growing companies in the Shoe business of India. Within a short span of just over a decade, M&B Footwear has grown multifold, and is probably the only company in India which has a portfolio of several national and international brands.

The company is spearheaded by Bhai Ajinder Singh, who holds an MBA from North Eastern University, Boston (USA), with specialization in Marketing & Finance and Inder Dev S. Musafir, a footwear technologist from South Fields College, Leicester (U.K).

The vertically integrated structure of M&B provides the support and strength to face the toughest market competition. Each department in the vertical format of M&B is a growth engine in itself, and its uniqueness lies in its structure.