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Cirque du Soleil Touring Shows prefers the Openbravo Commerce Platform for its new cloud and mobile point of sale solution

23 Apr 2015

Openbravo Web POS, the cloud and mobile point of sale solution embedded in the Openbravo Commerce Platform, has been selected by Cirque du SoleilĀ® Touring Shows for its new point of sale solution to manage sales activity during their events in their touring and permanent shows, and in their merchandising stores.

Cirque du Soleil is a trademark owned by Cirque du Soleil and used under license.

Following its strategy for continuous innovation, the leading entertainment company modernizes its show systems and gains higher IT agility thanks to Openbravo's state-of-the-art mobile POS.

Barcelona (Spain) and Montreal (Canada) - April 23rd, 2015

Cirque du Soleil Touring Shows has selected the Openbravo Web POS, embedded in the Openbravo Commerce Platform, as its new point of sale solution.

With various merchandising stores, resident shows in Orlando, and touring shows moving around the globe continuously, Cirque du Soleil Touring Shows required its new point of sale solution to provide very high IT agility. In order to decrease the extensive amount of time dedicated to setting up and closing activities at each show location, easiness to set up and close the points of sale, as well as ease of maintenance were both must-have business requirements imposed by the dynamic reality for touring shows, moving around from one city to another. In addition, it was also key for the IT department to adopt a platform independent solution to give full freedom to update the current technology stack.

After a detailed analysis of existing solutions in the market, Cirque du Soleil Touring Shows preferred to work with Openbravo's solution thanks to its cloud-based nature that dramatically simplifies the required IT time and logistics for the preparation and closing of each show, and for the flexibility its On Demand model provides, allowing to easily activate or deactivate POS terminals according to each show's calendar. And pay for them accordingly, enhancing expense control and optimizing cost levels at the same time.

The new solution has made it possible to significantly reduce the IT preparation time on each show. Thanks to its ease of use, new locally hired people in each city can be trained in a matter of minutes and start processing sales almost instantaneously.

Detailed daily sales information is available at headquarters level within hours of finishing the last daily show thanks to a seamless integration with the SAP corporate system. On top of that, the most relevant business indicators and key information is reported directly from the Openbravo platform which provides real time control and monitoring of the business from the headquarters and can be reconciled at any time with the information integrated in SAP.

Most configuration and setup activities can be done centrally in advance from the headquarters thanks to cloud accessibility, which helps to reduce local setup activities, increasing quality, reducing human errors, and eliminating delays. New products, prices or promotions can now be made available transparently and rapidly on each terminal, including different tax configurations due to different country tax regulations.

Lastly, Cirque du Soleil Touring Shows also particularly valued the fact that Openbravo is a fully responsive web and mobile point of sale, which opens up new possibilities to provide improved shopping experiences to employees and customers in the future and guarantees full IT freedom to select the mobile devices of their choice.

According to Marco de Vries, Openbravo's CEO, "This experience is an excellent example of the great value our solution can provide especially in highly demanding scenarios where agility and ease of use are an absolute must. It also confirms a growing trend among our large corporate customers to adopt a modern cloud and mobile store solution that seamlessly integrates with their legacy systems generally used at headquarters level."

Cirque du Soleil is a trademark owned by Cirque du Soleil and used under license.